March 2014, Dr. Paul Li will speak at "Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress"

January 2014, MOU signed with Aurora Biomed on OEM partnership

November 2013, Dr. Paul Li spoke at the Jingzhou International Oncology Conference “Same single cell analysis on acute myleloid leukemia patient cell samples: microfluidic chip measurements and clinical implications”

October 2013, Canadian patent was approved

August 2013, Test completed at Australian Prostate Cancer Centre

August 2013, Dr. Paul Li spoke at the Australia-Canada Prostate Cancer Research Alliance Symposium “ The Same Single Cell Bioanalyzer (SASCA) tracks the same single prostate cancer cell over a long duration: simultaneous optical observation and fluorescent measurement”

May 2013, Test completed at National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, USA

April 2013, Patented technology exclusively licensed to ZellChip

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