May 2016, Product show to Macau University of Science and Technology

May, 2016, "Single Cell Biochip and Centrifugal Microfluidic Biochip for Cancer Prognosis Testing" presented to Microfluidics Liquid Handling and Lab-on-a-Chip Conference, Bengaluru, India

September 2015, Medical Device Establishment Licence (Licence Number 6736) issued by Health Canada - (Class I - Health Canada)

July 2015, "Gefitinib enhanced cancer drug uptake in the same single non-small cell lung cancer cells observed in real-time in the microfluidic biochip", presented to 2nd International Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering & Life Science Conference, Hokkaido, Japan.

April 2015, "Measuring Cancer Drug Uptake in a Circulating Tumor Cell Using the Single Cell Bioanalyzer", presented by Paul Li to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Continuing Medical Education, Comprehensive Oncology Centre.

February 2015, agreement signed with Macan Biotechnologies Ltd

November 2014, Ms. Avid Khamenhfar and Ms. Jia Cai presented “Drug accumulation into single drug-sensitive and drug-resistant prostate cancer cells conducted on the single cell bioanalyzer” at ASME 2014 Intl Mech. Engineering Congress & Exposition.

July 2014, Dr. Paul Li spoke on “Drug resistance of a single mouse melanoma cell and its interaction with a mouse dendritic cell studied using the microfluidic single cell bioanalyzer” at 6th International Symposium on Microchemistry and Microsystems.

June 2014, Mr. Gregory Wong spoke on “Single Cell Bioanalyzer for Multi-drug Resistance Study and Personalized Medicine Innovation” at Global Innovation Economic Congress.

March 2014, Dr. Paul Li spoke at the "Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress"

January 2014, MOU signed with Aurora Biomed on OEM partnership